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Description of the Affiliate Program

A partner programme should be understood as another virtual service platform on which products are sold.

How does it work? Partners integrate a specific banner / text link /... into their website which links to the online shop. So long the customer clicks on the banner, this click will be tracked with a cookie, and recorded. This tracking ensures that purchases made by the customer in the onlineshop can be correctly assigned. After an order is closed successfully (note: not cancelled/withdrawn) the partner then receives their commission payment.

Example:  The operator of a skateboard forum builds a special Skateboard Finder banner in his forum. During a discussion about a specific board, a customer clicks on this banner and then searches for a new skateboard in the onlineshop and orders it. The operator of the forum then receives his commission on the sale after the cancellation period has passed.

Program Details

An Affiliate Partnership is a kind of promotional partnership. As an Affiliate Partner you have access to a large selection of various promotional materials with different designs and in different formats (banners, text links, video banners). You can then implement them into your website however you wish. Each click generated will be automatically tracked and for every visit from your website which results in a purchase you will be credited with a commission! The commission value is 4%-7% of the net order value. Please note that the commission will only be paid on confirmed and completed orders, orders which are later cancelled will not be credited.

  • You can earn quick and easy money.
  • Taking part is absolutely free, there is no sales target, etc.
  • There are no formal obligations.
  • The promotional material is kept up to date by us – you don’t have to worry about any of that.
  • Easy integration of the promotional tools into your website.
  • Should you require special promotional material– no problem! You can simply ask us.
  • The simple “Pay Per Sale” payment model is used – you will be paid commission on the sales which you generate
  • Even if the customer decides to complete his purchase at a later date, you don’t lose out on your commission because the cookies are saved for 30 days.
  • The calculation of the commission is done automatically – you don’t have to worry about this.

Should you still have any questions, you can reach us on email at: or telephone: +32-471-900-030.


  • Cookie days :30 days
  • Commission type : Percent Of Sale
  • Commission amount : 10%

Additional terms

You will get 10% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code.

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This affiliate program is managed by a third-party called uppromote.

 UpPromote Affilate Marketing -

General conditions:

We do not want to be presented in connection with any racist, extreme right or pornographic material or with material which could corrupt the young or which glorifies violence.
SEM for your own website is allowed. However, bookings are not allowed for the keyword SkateTillDeath or any other (incorrectly) spelled versions. The brand name may also not be used in the URL display, in the advertisement title or in your advertising text. A direct link to the Skate Till Death page is forbidden.