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Alva Skateboards is a skateboarding company that was founded by Tony Alva in 1977. Tony Alva was one of the pioneers of modern skateboarding, and he is widely regarded as one of the most influential skateboarders of all time.

Alva Skateboards was founded at a time when skateboarding was still in its infancy. The sport was growing in popularity, but there were few companies that specialized in skateboarding equipment. Tony Alva saw an opportunity to create a company that would focus exclusively on skateboarding, and he founded Alva Skateboards to fill that void.

In the early days of Alva Skateboards, the company primarily produced skateboard decks. The decks were made using high-quality materials and construction techniques, and they quickly gained a reputation for their durability and performance. The Alva brand became popular among skateboarders, and it quickly grew into one of the most respected brands in the industry.

In addition to skateboard decks, Alva Skateboards also produced a wide range of other skateboarding products, including wheels, trucks, bearings, and clothing. The company was known for its innovative designs and high-quality products, and it was a major force in the skateboarding industry throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Over the years, Alva Skateboards has gone through several changes in ownership and management. The company has faced its share of challenges, but it has remained a popular brand among skateboarders. Today, Alva Skateboards continues to produce high-quality skateboarding products, and the brand remains a symbol of the rebellious, do-it-yourself spirit of skateboarding culture.

Throughout its history, Alva Skateboards has been closely associated with Tony Alva himself. Tony Alva is a living legend in the skateboarding world, and his influence on the sport and the culture surrounding it cannot be overstated. Alva Skateboards is a reflection of Tony Alva's vision and passion for skateboarding, and the brand will always be linked to his legacy.