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The Team Behind It All

Well, to be honest, when we say "team," we're really just talking about one person here, and that's me. I'm Guillaume, a Frenchman who has called Brussels, Belgium, home for almost two decades now. But my story isn't just about me; it's about a lifelong passion for skateboarding that has fueled my journey.

I first fell head over heels for skateboarding 34 years ago when I stumbled upon the iconic "Public Domain" video by Powell Peralta. I'll bet some of you remember that intro sequence, right? Steve Saiz, Ray Barbee, Eric Sanderson, and Chet Thomas effortlessly carving up the streets, all set to the killer McRad soundtrack. That was the moment my love affair with skateboarding began, and it's one that has only grown stronger over time. In fact, I've got every intention of skating until the day I meet my maker!

But besides my endless pursuit of that perfect kickflip, I've also become quite the collector of skateboard decks. Originals and reissues, I love them all. Yet, as time passed, I noticed that finding these decks wasn't always a walk in the park. It involved endless waiting when ordering from local skate shops, or dealing with the dreaded customs fees when ordering from U.S. websites. That's when the idea hit me: why not create a webshop that simplifies this process?

So, I decided to embark on this exciting journey and launch a webshop dedicated to bringing you the best skateboard brands that left their indelible mark on our passion. Here, you'll find decks adorned with the most iconic graphics that represent a rich tapestry of skateboarding history.

So, come join me on this ride, won't you? Whether you're a fellow enthusiast, a collector like me, or just someone looking to rediscover the joy of skateboarding, let's make this journey together. Skate on, my friends, and enjoy every moment of the ride!


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