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About Madrid Skateboards

Founding and Early Years

Madrid Skateboards was founded by Jerry Madrid in the mid-1970s in Southern California, a hotspot for the emerging skateboarding culture. Initially, Jerry Madrid was a passionate surfer who started shaping surfboards in his parents' garage. His transition from surfboards to skateboards was a natural evolution, driven by the growing popularity of skateboarding and the desire to bring his craftsmanship to the sport.

Growth and Innovation

Madrid Skateboards quickly gained a reputation for quality and innovation. By the late 1970s, the company was producing a wide range of skateboards, from street decks to longboards. Madrid was known for experimenting with materials and designs, contributing significantly to the evolution of skateboard technology. Their fiberglass and laminated boards became particularly popular for their durability and performance.

1980s Boom

The 1980s were a golden era for Madrid Skateboards. The brand capitalized on the skateboarding boom with iconic designs and pro models. Notable skaters like Eddie Elguera, Beau Brown, and Tony Hawk rode for Madrid, bringing the brand to the forefront of the skateboarding world. Their innovative graphics and shapes set trends and attracted a loyal following.

Diversification and Media Presence

Madrid Skateboards expanded beyond just decks. They produced wheels, grip tape, and various accessories, becoming a comprehensive brand in the skateboarding industry. The company's boards were featured in numerous films and TV shows, most famously in the 1986 movie "Thrashin'," which showcased their boards and further solidified their cultural impact.

Adaptation and Resilience

Despite the ups and downs of the skateboarding market, Madrid Skateboards has remained resilient. The brand adapted to changing trends and technologies, ensuring they stayed relevant in the ever-evolving skateboarding scene. Their commitment to quality and innovation has kept them a favorite among skaters of all ages.

Legacy and Modern Day

Today, Madrid Skateboards continues to produce high-quality skateboards, staying true to their roots while embracing modern advancements. They offer a wide range of products, from classic reissues that appeal to nostalgic skaters to cutting-edge designs for new generations. Madrid Skateboards' legacy is marked by decades of influence, innovation, and a deep connection to skateboarding culture.


Madrid Skateboards, founded by Jerry Madrid in the 1970s, has played a pivotal role in skateboarding history. Known for their quality, innovation, and iconic designs, Madrid has remained a significant force in the industry for over four decades. The brand's enduring legacy continues to inspire and equip skaters around the world.