Alum Rogers Reaper Box 5.5" (Navy) Trucks (Set of 2)

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By Tensor

Start charging through those grinds with the Tensor Aluminum Truck TJ Reaper. Guaranteed for life, Tensor stands behind their product to produce the best quality truck on the market. A newly designed truck made for your desire. Manufactured with a lower kingpin to allow more clearance through those grinds and roll-ins. Designed with an interlocking bushing technique to evenly distribute the response time through the bushing with reinforced steel within key areas resulting in an overall stronger truck with 30% less weight compared to all other truck companies creating the lightest and strongest truck on the market.

The set contains 2 trucks.

Tensor Size Guide

Tensor size
Truck width Deck width
5.0" 7.625"
7.5" - 7.75"
5.25" 8.0" 7.875" - 8.125"
5.5" 8.25" 8.0" - 8.25"
5.75" 8.5" 8.375" - 8.675"
6.0" 8.75" 8.75" - 9.0"