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Black Label skateboards was founded in 1990 by professional skateboarder John Lucero. At the time, Lucero was already a well-known skateboarder who had been sponsored by several different companies, but he wanted to start his own brand that would focus on quality and creativity.

The first Black Label skateboards were made in Lucero's garage, and they quickly gained a following among skateboarders who appreciated their unique graphics and high-quality construction. The brand became known for its edgy, often controversial graphics, which often featured skulls, guns, and other provocative imagery.

Over the years, Black Label has sponsored many talented skateboarders, including Jason Adams, Salman Agah, Matt Hensley, Wade Speyer, and Chet Childress, among others. The brand has also released several iconic video parts, including Adams' part in "Label Kills" and Childress' part in "God Save the Label."

In the early 2000s, Black Label faced some financial difficulties and was briefly acquired by Blitz Distribution, but Lucero regained control of the brand in 2004. Since then, Black Label has continued to release high-quality skateboards and apparel and has maintained its reputation as one of the most influential and respected brands in skateboarding.

Today, Black Label continues to be run by Lucero and his team of dedicated skateboarders and artists. The brand is known for its commitment to creativity, quality, and individuality, and it remains a favorite among skateboarders who appreciate its unique approach to skateboarding culture.