Selecting the right skateboard bushings is important for customizing the feel and responsiveness of your skateboard trucks. Here are factors to consider when choosing skateboard bushings


Durometer Rating

    Bushings come in different durometer ratings, indicating their hardness. Lower durometer numbers (soft bushings) provide a smoother and more responsive turn, while higher durometer numbers (hard bushings) offer stability and less turn. Consider your weight, skating style, and personal preference when choosing durometer.


Shape and Style

    Bushings come in various shapes and styles, including cone, barrel, and cylindrical. Each shape affects the feel of the turn. Experimenting with different shapes can help you find the combination that suits your skating style.


Conical vs. Standard

    Conical bushings have a tapered shape and can offer more lean for deeper turns. Standard or barrelshaped bushings provide stability and are ideal for straightline cruising. Some skaters prefer a mix of conical and barrel bushings for a balanced feel.



    Skateboard bushings are typically made of urethane. Higherquality urethane bushings can provide better rebound and durability. Some companies offer unique formulations or special features, so consider the materials used in the bushings you're considering.


Weight and Riding Style

    Your weight plays a role in bushing selection. Heavier riders may prefer harder bushings for stability, while lighter riders may opt for softer bushings for a more responsive ride. Your preferred riding style, whether it's street, vert, or cruising, also influences your bushing choice.


Brand Reputation

    Stick to reputable skateboard bushing brands. Quality bushings can significantly impact the performance of your trucks. Wellknown brands often produce bushings with consistent quality and performance.



    Ensure that the bushings you choose are compatible with your skateboard trucks. Different trucks may have varying bushing seat designs, so check for compatibility with your specific trucks.


Colors and Aesthetics

    While not a performance factor, some skaters enjoy customizing the look of their skateboard with colored or visually appealing bushings. If aesthetics matter to you, consider this when making your choice.



    Read reviews from other skaters to gain insights into the performance and durability of specific bushings. Realworld experiences can provide valuable information to guide your decision.



     Skateboard bushings are available at different price points. While cost is a consideration, prioritize the quality and performance of the bushings to ensure a better riding experience.


Experimenting with different combinations of bushings can help you find the setup that feels just right for your skateboarding style. Consulting with experienced skaters or your local skate shop can provide additional guidance based on your specific preferences and needs.