The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips - livre (couverture souple)

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This book is worth EVERY cent. If you love the Santa Cruz stuff/art/style/history within skateboarding then this book is a gift from heaven! Awesomely put together, informative and a real treasure. It has also got alot of the old adds from Santa Cruz from the old school mags, insight into the artists themselves and there studios, and also has the cartoons/comics that where put out there back in the day, and much more,..blah, blah.... awesome,... blah, blah.......... If your looking at this book on here already (which I assume you already are) ,.... Then don't contemplate, just BUY IT!!!! it's worth every cent and the money 'ain't worth squat compared to the AWESOMENESS that this book provides. - No I don't work for these guys, (I wish, ha ha) I'm just a Skater who's been skating since around "87, and this book is just great. If your looking already, DO IT! you won't be disapointed.