Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Skateboard Wheels 55mm x 34mm 93A 4pk Green

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About Dragon Formula

The remarkable new Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane used in these wheels is another groundbreaking innovation from Powell • Peralta. The DF-93A Dragons are designed to handle rough terrain while providing the grip and slide capabilities of 99A and 101A wheels, allowing you to perform all your usual tricks and more on a wider variety of skateable surfaces, thanks to their softer 93A hardness.


Dragons are exceptionally fast due to the super high rebound of DF-93A, which is 18-20% higher than that of hard wheels. This increased rebound ensures you won’t lose speed in bowls or parks like you would with a typical 93A wheel, and you'll experience a smoother, faster ride on rough streets and sidewalks—even in areas where you previously had to walk your board.

Grip & Slide

Dragons provide excellent slide performance on both rough and smooth terrain when needed. This is because Dragon Formula is not an ordinary mid-90’s urethane but a unique formulation developed by our R&D team over a decade to optimize and perfect its performance. No other wheel can match the Dragon's ability to slide and its grip-to-slide ratio, achieved through a blend of high-performance materials, not by compromising on urethane quality.


Dragon Formula wheels are not only smooth, fast, and slidable but also among the most durable wheels available. This makes them an excellent value, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’re saving money by buying low-cost, low-performance wheels. Choose Dragon Formula wheels for a longer, more enjoyable skating experience.


More Information
UPC 842357182059
Brand Powell-Peralta
Wheel Core No
Wheel Diameter 55mm
Wheel Width 34mm
Wheel Hardness 93a
Wheel Color Green
Wheel Surface Smooth