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Tony Alva


Tony Alva Pro model

  old school "PIG" Shape

10.5" x 30.5"

BLUE Paint Finish

inc. Die-Cut Sparkly Griptape

 Brand new

Made in USA

Brand new huge "pig" deck from Tony Alva - the Splatter model which was originally available in the very early 1980s or tail end of the 70s.

It's like a wider "Tri Logo" so if that just isn't enough deck for you then this one should be.

The Alva decks now come ready fitted with thick sparkly griptape, just like in the 70s, and with the iconic "Alva" cut out on top showing the red/orange fade logo.

This one is a proper beast of a deck - big and fat but as cool as hell.  If you didn't want one of these in 1980 they you were either not born yet or too busy playing on your new Raleigh Burner.

Set Up Advice:

Trucks: Indy 169s, Tracker 6 Tracks or Gullwing Pro III.

Wheels: Kryptonics "Star Tracs" which are available in all the original colours and sizes from the 70s. For classic pool styling it would be the 60mm Greens but the softer reds and blues would be better for transport.

If you need advice on a set-up, please get in touch.

100% Canadian Maple
10.5" x 30.5"
Profile : Single kick
Concave: Flat (no concave)
2.5" nose
6.5" tail
16.5" WB (measured from inside to inside holes)
Drilled for old hole trucks
Drum Cut Wheelwells
Width over front truck: 8.5"
Width over rear truck: 9.75"
inc. die-cut sparkly griptape

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