Plateau de skateboard Street plant Five Year Anniversary (9.5)
  • Plateau de skateboard Street plant Five Year Anniversary (9.5)

Plateau de skateboard Street plant Five Year Anniversary (9.5)

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Plateau de skateboard Street plant Five Year Anniversary (9.5)

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100% Skater Owned

Limited Edition Five Year Anniversary w/ Art By Greg Higgins.

Vallely New Deal Mammoth Shape from 1991.

Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix.

Size: 9.5" x 32.625"

Wheelbase: 14"

Nose: 7.125"

Tail: 7"

Yellow Top and Black Bottom Veneer.

Black Center Core Veneer.

Top Graphic: Five.

Recommended Truck Size: 161

 About The Art:

The linework is blatantly hand-drawn and scanned, placed over the vector crispness; it is indicative of Mike's bold fortitude, laid over a simple, but clean and direct foundation. To have a skateboard company stripped down to the bare elements of love for skateboarding, and an intention to bring it to be in a straightforward way. Mike and Street Plant are both complex and also direct, and I want the art to reflect that it isn't all clean and crisp. There is a rootsy and gritty element that is at the core, and that is the bold linework that ties it together. The sun is shining, like on the Mammoth art that first brought Mike and me together in 1991. Then there's the moon and stars, elements from the Garageland art that was among our first collaborations for Street Plant, bringing balance to the sun. The flowers are five, for five years, and though similar to a clear-species, they are fictional, and I made them up as I went, as we do with our years, and as Street Plant has had its steps and stages of growth to be appreciated. The color palette is under six colors, and it's just my preference, the way I like things to look, and a nod to the "keep it under six colors" requests that have come to me, especially in the early years of doing graphics/art. Doing it like this made me refine my approach, keeping it simple; I'm happy about that. I also think it represents Street Plant's ethos well. The nail came to be through the art I did previously for Street Plant as a symbol of commitment.

— Greg Higgins