101 Kris Markovich Metallica Reissue heat transfer 8.25"

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101 Kris Markovich Metallica Reissue 8.25"

Art by Sean Cliver

Width: 8.25"

Length: 31.75

WB: 14"

Heat Transfer

minor storage marks

About this reissue:

“That one was pretty funny. There used to be two YMCAs in Pensacola, Florida that had skateparks, one was a street park and one had a vert ramp. All the Zorlac guys would go to that vert ramp and would always give you shit for skating street.

As I got a little older and turned pro for 101, I got into the idea of having a graphic that’d poke fun back at those dudes. At the time Scott Stanton had this clown graphic on Zorlac so I wanted to redo that. Natas [Kaupas, 101’s owner] was like, “yeah we’re probably gonna sell the whole two of them.” He was totally against it. Then McKee [who happened to be Cliver, in fact -Seb’s note] started sketching the skull with the beanie on and the toothbrush through it, and he did the Markovich/Metallica lettering.

When it came out, Zorlac was already dying, so I never got a reaction from these guys. At the time Scott Stanton was pretty heavily into music, so he was out of pro skating pretty much. It would probably have been better if it had been one of my first boards, but nobody knew who I was and nobody would have got the joke.”

- Kris Markovich

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