Skate Create Enjoy! Skateboard deck (9.625)
  • Skate Create Enjoy! Skateboard deck (9.625)

Skate Create Enjoy! Skateboard deck (9.625)


Skate Create Enjoy! Skateboard deck (9.625)

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 Skate Create Enjoy! w/ Art By Greg Higgins.

The Inspiration for our Skate Create Enjoy! Board started in 2017 with a conversation between myself and Street Plant Battalion Member and Stoke Brigade Team Rider Robert Serafin. We were hanging out in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY, discussing Board Shapes and looking at the Boards hanging on his living room wall. One of the Boards was a Ned "Peanut" Brown Witch Doctor Model from 1989. Robert then told me the story of why that Board meant so much to him. How Ned Brown had been so gracious to him when he was a kid and had gifted him a Board at a demo after someone stole Robert's Board, and how that act of kindness led to Robert buying the Witch Doctor Model. Robert lit up while talking about it. How much he loved the Shape, how he learned so many new tricks on it, and how Stoked he was to support Peanut Brown. The story was so heartfelt, the kind of Skateboard story I value, and it struck me as the impetus to develop a new Shape of our own for Street Plant with all of that Love in its DNA.
We started with the Witch Doctor Shape, and then I asked Robert about other Boards from that time he treasured. Without hesitation, he said,"Shut Shark." Oh yes, the Shut Shark, one of my all-time favorites too. So, we decided to combine the two Shapes: Ned "Peanut" Brown, meets New York City via New Jersey.
Robert shipped his Peanut Brown Model to me, and I got together with The Professor to work on creating the new Shape. We used the Peanut Brown Shape as the foundation to build from, then added the scalloped edges from the Shut Shark. The first iteration was a tad stubby, almost a mini, with a very short nose. After Robert test rode it for some time, he gave us some notes, and we went back into the workshop, adding length to the nose, and the double-drilled front truck holes for optional wheelbase lengths. 
We tapped Greg Higgins to do the Art on this one. If ever there were a Shape that exemplified the Skate Create Enjoy Philosophy, it is this one, and so I asked Greg to illustrate that very idea, and we couldn't be more Stoked on the results. Born out of our Community, with Love, Respect, and Gratitude for Skateboarding's past, present and future, this is the ultimate Street Plant Board in Premise, Shape, and Art. 

 Mike Vallely

Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix.

 Size: 9.625" x 32.625"

Wheelbase: 14.25" or 15"

Nose: 7"

Tail: 7.125"

**Double Drilled**

Orange Top Veneer.

Black Bottom Veneer.

Black Center Veneer.

Top Graphic: Skate Create Enjoy!

Recommended Truck Size: 161

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