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Glamour Skateboards was established in January 2018 by Fashion Photographer and Skateboarder Jeffrey P.  Jeffrey has been skateboarding since his days as far back as 1979 in Modesto, CA at the HeatWave SkatePark that was one of the first skateparks in Northern California. Jeffrey actually got his first skateboard back in 1974 with one of the earlier first urethane wheel boards.  From there Jeffrey learned that Skateboarding was not only about skating good and having fun but that skateboarding had its own special fashion element to state to the World.  In Jeff's words "Skateboarding has always been a Fashion Statement."  

Jeffrey then later involved himself into his photography passion and recieved further training from "Shoot the Centerfold" in that of fashionable woman in California.  Soon after leaving the world of skateboarding for a while in 2002, he met renowned World Renowned Pinup Artist "Carlos Cartagena."   This relationship proved just the element Jeffrey was looking for as Mr. Cartagena's work had been reveled by the Surfer and Skateboard world with his Slap-On stickers.  This new collaboration was destined to become a reality in Skateboarding with Jeff's new deck company "Glamour Skateboards" featuring the outstanding work of Mr. Cartagena along with Jeff's entrepreneurial fashion spirit.