Skateboard company founded in 1986 by T. Mag & Mike Ternasky.

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The H-Street Skateboard Company was formed in 1986 by professional skateboarder Tony Mag and his bro Mike Ternasky. The two sought out industry leader George Hamad to form the first skateboard company that was run by skateboarders. Inspired by Powell’s success in making skateboard video’s but without a large film budget available, Tony and Mike theorized that one might be able to make skateboard video’s with cheap VHS cameras and edit them at home, on VCR’s. This was the first basic home video equipment available early in the 80′s. The two friends also sought some of the most innovative skateboarders of the
time, like Ron Allen, Danny Way and Matt Hensley. Together with T-Mag, the four became a part of a legendary team, which also consisted of a host of other great skaters at the time.

One summer later, the video Shackle Me Not was born and would change the way that skateboard video’s were made from that point on. A year later, Louisiana swamp rat Sal Barbier was added to the team, along with Alphonzo Rawls and several other top skaters of that time and the video Hokus Pokus was made, which would take the world by storm and together with Shackle Me Not, the videos became some of the most watched skate video’s of all time. H-Street would eventually produce five major video’s, with such notable skaters as Eric Koston, Mike Carrol, Jason Rogers, Colby Carter, Chad Vogt and many other top
pro’s of that era.

The company also produced a host of innovative and original skateboard products, most notably Tony Mag’s “Hell Concave”, a board with an extreme amount of concave, that extended throughout the tail and nose of the board.

In the early 90′s, Mike suddenly and tragically passed away in a car accident and Tony Mag went on to do other creative enterprises in the industry, eventually becoming founder of Osiris Shoes.

H-Street became a memory, but skateboarders of all ages kept watching those ground breaking and legendary videos!

In 2008, Tony Mag and George got back together to resurrect the H-Street brand of Skateboards and today the company produces a number of high quality skateboard products that caters to all forms of skateboarding.