Hard Times Wheels - Neon Green - 60mm

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In 1989 we were pondering how to make a lower price wheel without using a shitty cheap urethane.  With many wheels having 4 color graphics on both sides, printing costs were driving wheel prices way up...so we had our answer, only print one wheel per set, one color!  (the reissues have 2 (or more) wheels per-set printed, just so you have one graphic per-side of your board).    

However...No corners were cut with these!  This is the best urethane out there!  Save a little up front and even more later because they’re not going to wear out as quick as many other wheels.   

They’re twined together with a rubber stamped DOA tag just like the originals...in fact the rubber stamp IS the original one from 1989!  

Hard , Fast as F#%K, Ultra-Premium Urethane!  Guaranteed Not To Flatspot! 

Product Details:

  • Made in USA
  • High rebound Superthane formula
  • 101 durometer 
  • Sidecut shape
  • 60.5mm x 35mm
  • green color
  • Two wheels (or more) printed per set
  • Packaged with twine and DOA tag