To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, Santa Cruz skateboards will release only 4 models for summer and fall 2023 (Usually we are entitled to 4 models for summer and 4 for fall)

Anyway, these four models will surely still delight the old skatboarders that we are.

Among these four decks, Santa cruz plans to reissue:

  • The Roskopp Target Eye (9.62′ x 31.54′) for the first time (i think)
  • The Salba Tiger (9.71″ x 29.81″)
  • The Street Creep (10″ x 31.75″)
  • The Jeff Kendall “End of the world” reworked by the artist Jeremy Fish and called “Friend of the world”

The decks will be available for sale somewhere in August 2023. Stay tuned!