Real will reissue the 1st Pro Board of James “The Mayor” Kelch’s in both Original Slick version and modern version. Stickers and Tshirts will also be produced.

Availability : 24th of September 2018

The story behind the graphic straight from the source……

We always called this board “The Flyer” because of how it went down… So, at the end of 1992, Real told me to try and come up with my first graphic. We were on our way to an amusement park out there, just driving on the freeway in SF by the airport, and I saw that billboard for Delta Airlines that said, ”We Love to Fly.”

The entire billboard was painted real nice too, it was just the kid standing in the field with his arms out like that. I thought, “That’s perfect, man,” cause I was just about to turn pro, it felt like I was gonna take off on this new little journey. I had been on mission to find an idea for a few weeks, I hadn’t anything yet.

I told everybody in the car, “I’m gonna call Real and see if they want to use this.” I called them from the car and they sent somebody right away to take a picture of it.