Birdhouse will reissue few old-school decks for spring 2024.

First, the Tony Hawk HUT
Graphic inspired by iconic 'Gleaming the Cube' scene
1978 Ford Courier illustration by Artist - Dropem
Tony's iconic shape from the 80's
W: 9.75" L: 32" WB: 15.75"


Then, the SKULL II
Most-iconic Birdhouse graphic - Skull II
Re-issue Black/Blue colourway from 2007
Tony's iconic shape from the 80's
 W: 9.75" L: 32" WB: 15.75"


The third is the Vulture with original Birdhouse graphic from 2000's.
Only released once as limited edition deck- Comes on a vibrant Pink stain for classic look linked to Tony's Animal Chin clothing colour.
Shaped deck W: 10.25" L: 32" WB: 16"
Unique shape taking inspiration from a prototype shape which Tony worked on in the 90's which never got released



And finally, the Crest.
Iconic Tony graphic TH Crest 
Dark metallic base with transparent and metallic silver HT creating a dual metallic finish.
Shaped deck W: 9.375" L: 32.5" WB: 15.75"
Taken best bits from Tony's iconic shapes to make this shape unique to Birdhouse.


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